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Visit the New York Museum of Water
for the Experience of Your Lifetime!

Discover The Secrets Of Water, Enjoy Fun, Inspiring Exhibits And Learn Why Water Is The Most Important Part of Your Future on Planet Earth!

Welcome and join us for wonderful experiences…
View masterpiece artwork inspired by the qualities of the liquids of life...
come in contact with the beauty and spirit of still and rushing water

Our goal is to promote public awareness of water and the need to love and protect it.

The New York Museum of Water is a cultural institution for the public good… a dedicated community organization and an educational facility for everyone that cares about the planet's stewardship of water – the key to our well-being.

We are an exploratory environment for art making, inspiring wonder and revealing beauty.

The New York Museum of Water encourages exciting social exchanges about water and its increasingly important place in our lives. Feel free to ask questions and discuss any and all issues as you explore the museum.

It's the museum where you make new friends and deepen old friendships.

Making deep connections with the Earth's resources and fellow New Yorkers is what NYMW is expressly designed for...we are here for you!

The museum is also a discovery center that lets you learn:

•  How water gives birth to life by participating in fascinating and fun experiments!

•  Play games that sharpen your mind and reinforce what you learned with your friends by sharing thrilling tests of knowledge!

•  You can experience one-of-a-kind creations done by artists who view the landscape as their canvas and time as their brush. You can see how many among them have become heroes that make a real difference as protectors of the waterscapes they create their art with!

The New York Museum of Water is an entertaining space for the entire family. Come by and experience an afternoon you and your family will always treasure! Feel a mist on your skin, relax while sitting in a quiet corner listening to a babbling brook or go for the raw thrill of watching great thunderous waves crash before you!

There is plenty more to do too…

We'd just like to ask you…
How much do you really know about your water?
At the museum you can find out what's really in your water and why bottled water is often less safe than tap water! (We can show hard, scientific proof!)

If you were in the desert, a few hours without life-giving water could make the difference between life or death! We can show you the keys to survival in the harshest, most brutal environments on our planet! The tricks for “urban water survival” will even be revealed!

You can even begin to explore what role water systems had in the development of the world's societies and why the impact of water is now poised to be greater than ever in the 21st century! At the museum, we'll unveil the spell-binding story of how civilizations, cultures, languages were created, shaped and destroyed by one resource – the power of water!

Learn why many experts predict wars over water in the coming decades and why companies such as Coca-Cola to Forbes agree that water is the single most valuable commodity in the world! In the future, water will have a profound effect on our lives we can barely imagine today! You will walk out of the NYMW transformed by the new, cutting-edge knowledge we've made available for you!

Do you have an interest in the unique peoples and cultures of the world? You will be captivated when you see our exhibit on diverse attitudes and rituals towards water around the world… or the phenomenon of holy water, The Great Flood or an exposé on the lives of pirates, or mermaids, and other mythologies of the seas. These are the water-based legends that have weaved through man's history for 1000's of years!

The New York Museum of Water has exclusive exhibits on water-based biology . Would you love to learn about the hidden life in the oceans, and the freshwater? The fascinating water-based worlds of physics, chemistry and geology are brought together to reveal the complex matrix for supporting life on our planet.

The New York Museum of Water also has special experiences around every corner you will see no where else!

•  Relish an exhibit on the phenomenon of crystals that change shape based on strips of written words. (This is one of our favorites!)
•  How about seeing a computer made entirely from water? Better yet… could you build one?
•  Do you have an interest in sports and love to challenge your body? If you like, you can enter the world and senses of a surfer on a glassy wave with our innovative surround movie experiences!
•  See living water go through changes as it moves…as you've never seen it before!

Our purpose is to increase awareness of valuable elements on earth and heighten awareness of critical trends that will impact our lives in the evolving future. We do this by providing a space that brings together people and organizations to one focused point of visible and close contact with water.

The New York Museum of Water's primary goal is to help people understand more about many of the wonders of the world of water…and inform them of the breathtaking changes going on today. In essence, help give them a vision of the future based on awareness and action - to take critical steps NOW to preserve our precious water resources.

Our exhibits are designed to invite visitors to interact. It's the social museum. It's the museum with a heart, a conscience, a brain and a sense of magic artfulness all together in one intimate space!

Please remember this !… The New York Museum of Water provides a stimulating alternative to the movies for daters! Since we do have limited space, kindly reserve your 2 hour space early and come as a couple on Friday nights for exciting, unique fun! Then go out to the romantic pier around the corner for a moon-lit walk. We will keep your evening affordable with a suggested donation of only $5 for couples.

By all means don't miss our collaborative brilliance walls!
-Made by mad scientists, wild artists, and stewards of the earth. You can have real delight digging for nuggets of understanding! Explore with your fingers under pinned up articles and pictures to see what's underneath. You'll never know what you may learn about our environment, sustainable development or the way people think!

Have YOU found something special? Bring it in! Cut it out and place it somewhere prominent. Find a sentence that belongs elsewhere? Cut it out and tape it on top of the new article being created. We make it easy to get your voice heard. Explore Social art with a purpose…totally committed to protecting the water and aquatic ecosystems.

The New York Museum of Water deals with many themes and subject areas but all are touched by water . The biosphere and its sister term the hydrosphere are intimately interwoven; and now the human econosphere has been effecting this world dramatically. The all-encompassing force that shapes each of these spheres the most … may ultimately lie in the memesphere (the world of ideas that surrounds us and determines our actions).

Get in touch with the spirit of water more deeply now…

Discover the magic of water through The New York Museum of Water - wonderful, enlightening and entertaining!

Remarkable Mysteries of the Earth surround us…if we just enter a moment of wonder!

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