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We are currently undergoing renovations To learn more about our unique Chelsea location, please visit:


I love water. It is the giver of our life. Its extraordinary physical properties allow our world to function in all its transformational flowing wonder.

The inspiring intent of the museum was, in this quickly-evolving and unprecedented moment in human history, to foster greater connection and response-ability with water by our fellow New Yorkers/citizens/water consumers/and most overreachingly human beings. This was my hope when I commenced working on it in my free time in April. I soon learned how timely a water museum is right now.

The Museum is an outreach educational institute. We collect and bring to life the literatures on topics treating the relationship of humans and water in our environments in a historical perspective. We reach out to our visitors, to tell the comprehensive, accessible and engaging untold story of humans and water.

We hope to convey wonder and beauty as well as to inform. The goal of the museum is to entertain and educate about all wonders of the world of water.

When it comes to environmental themes we hope to showcase brilliant solutions at the forefront of today's thought.

The human interaction element is at our core as well. It compels our visitors’ attention and there exists a so far untold story of human interaction with water that we care to share.

Being housed in New York, we naturally also favor to tribute a particular focus on New York's water history leading to today's state of affairs. It would be a worthwhile accomplishment if we bring more transparency to the water systems around us.

Finally the direction of the museum is such that we also will chart out some of the forces and trends and possible future scenarios in our human interaction with water.

We are currently undergoing renovations To learn more about our unique Chelsea location, please visit:

How we do it:

At the Museum of Water we use a variety of creative means to achieve our mission. We use fun to impact joyfully to our visitors, our volunteers, our staff, our partners, our board members, and our management. We want to inspire love and celebration of the museum's grand aims.

Engaging all the senses, aids learning and makes for remarkable experiences! But not just the five senses of feeling, sight, hearing, tasting, and smelling; Here we remember these other sense-abilities additionally: the sense of humor, the sense of response-ability, the sense of wonder, the sense of mastery. We take glee at finding ways to engage our visitors more fully and encouraging social interchange. For this reason many of our exhibits are fully interactive and you must initiate the action to experience it. We do build responsive learning systems but we take the concept one further by encouraging participation in the exhibit creation process from the visitors themselves.

We outreach directly to our visitors through innovative museum exhibit programs and groups such as schools, design teams, environmental groups and museums to

help create exhibitions. We collaborate with private and public spheres of influence.

We want them to take with them, experiences that they will talk about at home and at work and that will allow a framework for deeper understanding of water related subjects.

To do this we create our own interactive exhibits, visually stunning works, and text that gets to the heart of matters not often made visible. We create permanent exhibits, and temporary shows, and even traveling exhibits. We invite, incorporate and feature artists with unique work. And we also seek out and welcome presentations that already exist elsewhere and need a home like ours or wish to be presented at the museum. We host workshops, and forums, we act as an interchange by providing publications to partner and sponsor organizations. We include text, audio content, models and visual content as well as kinesthetic experiences.

A smattering taste of some of the possible themes and subject areas touched in the exhibits will include: water and life, tap water, rivers, watersheds, distribution, scarcity, bottled water, water energy creation systems, conservation efforts with our water bodies and resources, privatization, unique physical properties of water, differing cultural relationships with water, antibubbles, ecological piping solutions, waste management and water treatment, water sports, runoff, rituals involving water, crystal formation, pollution, oceans, dams, bridges and their relationships to the bodies they exist in, water and sound, regulation of water, interconnection of water bodies, wave propagation.

We are currently undergoing renovations To learn more about our unique Chelsea location, please visit:

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