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Visit the New York Museum of Water and Learn
About Water, Our Planet and Its People!

Who comes to the Museum?
New Yorkers and tourists from every country have explored our wonderful and unique museum! We are in the process of collecting demographics…

This is our Vision
We welcome you to be dazzled, be amazed, be awed, be entranced, be engaged, be fresh, be in flow.

  • If you care about the earth
  • If you want to learn more about how water moves in New York
  • If you care about how water affects the health of your body
  • If you want to do something fun and educational for the whole family
  • If you want to have a good time with your date or your mate
  • If you want to get some respite from the city
  • If you want to be surrounded by images sounds and real living water
  • If you wish to fill the space of banality with something new and easy to talk about
  • If you wish to see an old friend in a new place
  • If you wish to impress someone you like with the gift of a moment distinct from the rest of their lives
  • If you are a tourist in the city looking for the most exciting new attraction to visit and savor!
  • If you are working in the neighborhood and wish to be somewhere interesting during some time off
  • If you want to connect with water
  • If you can enjoy being surprised by the unexpected!
  • If you can enjoy learning new things
  • If you love to be immersed in beauty
  • If you love to share stories of moving experiences connected with water