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All Your Questions Magically Answered

If you have a question related to water, we will get the answer for you; the deep answer.

If we have to go across the oceans or find the answer buried in a river bed or in the head of some zany old man in Kazakhstan we will do it.

It can be any type of question: scientific, cultural, philosophical, aesthetic, economic, political; any theme just remember to add the H²O.

It’s our first service to the public.

We are building the world’s largest list of water questions.

Challenge and Disclaimer: We try our best to be amazing. Although we may be able to answer many complex questions such as how water is pumped down to NYC and comes out of our faucet, we may not be able to satisfy a hydrologist searching for the deep laws of fluid dynamics that haven’t been yet discovered. Still we especially encourage those questions too and hope to generate useful effects from showcasing these questions to the right individuals.

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